Sporcle Study Guide Finale!

So much has happened since we last went over the 2016 Brewers roster to study for this year’s Sporcle quiz. Let’s take a moment to reflect. *somber music starts playing*

Anyways, here’s everyone that already hasn’t already been profiled.

Rob Scahill, P, Rob Scahill hasn’t tweeted in nearly a year. For most players, this would go without mention, but Scahill’s most recent tweets are pro-Pirates propaganda. Get it together Rob. He also appeared in 16 games and carries a WHIP of 1.036. You do you, Rob!

Damien Magnifico, P You might not remember this but Magnifico is the only Brewer mentioned in a Queen song. Though called up Augustish, Damien only appeared in three games. There are rumors that Counsell refused to use him after Magnifico let Creeper’s into Counsell’s base in Minecraft. Damien’s twitter retweet game is on point.

Ben Rowen, P, One of slingin’s waiver claims Rowen is known for his submarine delivery style that he probably ripped off from Tim Dillard. He is a big fan of the hashtag #BristolMotorSpeedway, which is probably some secret code.

Yadiel Rivera, SS, When Orlando Arcia needs to rest his hose, the Brewers bring in Yadiel Rivera. What can be said about Rivera that hasn’t been said already? Answer in the comments?

Josmil Pinto, C, The Brewers claimed Pinto off the waiver wire from San Diego, in an attempt to complete the legendary penta-catcher prophecy. Pinto is known for his "butterfly" catching style which really protects his five hole.

Michael "Bootsy" Reed OF If there’s one thing we know about Michael Reed, it’s that he has more cowboy boots than anyone on the Colorado Sky Sox. He’s also shorter than Tim Dillard.

Andrew Susac C, A Wands Cure Has a World Series ring. Came over in the Will Smith trade. He probably enjoys the taste of pretzels. Does he drink pickle juice? It would be irresponsible to speculate.

Brent Suter , P, Suter finished the year with two wins, two losses and no GW-RBIs. Suter has met the guy who has eaten the most Big Macs ever. Tim Dillard says he will be our new favorite player.