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BCB Mailbag 4: Saturday Edition

Answering the burning questions from you, the reader.

Annual White House Correspondent's Dinner Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images

I’m sorry for the tardiness of this week’s mailbag. I worked two and a half hours late yesterday chasing a short in one autoscrubber and rewiring a switch in another out in Richland Center (far from my Milwaukee home) and then had dinner plans with my family for Veteran’s Day (we went to Applebee’s). I had to work again this morning (on a Saturday!) replacing an on-board charger in a riding scrubber down near Miller Park. But now I’m answering your questions, so here goes:

icelandreliant asks:

I really would like Slingin' Stearns to make several trades or obscure free agent signings

So I have something else to think about and spend time looking at on the internet. Kyle, with your great influence as shown by your Junior Guerra knowledge last year, can you get him to do that?

I’ll see what I can do. I’d personally like to see him take a roll of the dice on Jacob Turner.

Saltdog asks:

Which Brewers player (current/former) has the best name for a brand of alcohol, ala Jack Daniels or Jose Cuervo? My pick would be Junior Guerra/Rickie Weeks.

Uhh, how about Susac Cognac, or Admiral Jimmy Nelson’s? Geoff Gin-kins?

drezdn asks:

Are there any new tv shows this year worth checking out?

My wife and I have been watching Pitch, and I like it thus far and would recommend checking it out. Otherwise I don’t really watch a ton of TV. It’s Saturday so there’s SVU re-runs on ION, and my wife and I have been re-watching The Office for a little while now.

nullacct asks:

If each MLB team had their own custom type font, what would the Brewer font look like

Lucida Sans Unicode.

Yar Nivek asks:

What sort of meaningful changes do you think will come in the next CBA?

There has been a lot of talk about a possible international draft, which I would not be in support of. The MLB already does plenty to artificially deflate the salaries of its employees and “seasonal apprentices” and there has already been push back from prospective MLBers from overseas.

One thing I saw which could be interesting is the potential addition of a 26th player on the roster. It would be nice for the players to add another 30 major league roster spots that need to be filled and would present clubs with more options in how to make up their bench and bullpen. It would also make it easier for teams to manage having a player with an injury that will keep them out for several days, but maybe not quite two weeks. I don’t want to see it come at the expense of a significant paring back of September call-ups, however. There are scores of players who have appeared only in September but may have never made it back to the big leagues, but were at least able to earn a lifetime of health insurance for spending one day on the major league roster. That’s worth an awful lot for someone like Nevin Ashley, who was a September call-up in 2015 at age 31 with the Brewers but didn’t make it to the MLB in 2016.

Thanks for the questions everyone, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!