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Let’s help the Brewers design a t-shirt!

One of the Brewers’ Free Shirt Friday t-shirts will be a fan design. Who better to offer suggestions than BCB?

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by John Konstantaras/Getty Images

If you saw our post last week on the giveaway days the Brewers have scheduled for 2017, you might’ve noticed one of the Free Shirt Friday games will be a t-shirt designed by a fan. The team opened the submissions process Thursday, and you can send the team your design here.

I know an opportunity when I see one.

We’re a witty bunch here at BCB, and I feel like we can put that to good use. Why not apply some of our most iconic contributions to Brewers pop culture to a cheaply-pressed t-shirt that’s two sizes too small because you spent too much time with your Meat Man in the parking lot and couldn’t get inside the park in time?

The Brewers could take advantage of a trendy t-shirt design with something like this:

And Broxton

Who will be this year’s Junior Guerra and take the league by storm? It could be anyone!

2017 Brewers Ace

What better way to unite the fanbase than banding together against a common enemy?

Fun The Cubs

These are just a few ideas we feel the Brewers should consider. Share your suggestions and/or mock-ups in the comments.