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What We Learned: The MLB Season Ends Tonight

The series will end in some way tonight. We discuss that and more in today’s What We Learned.

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Brewers News and Notes

Links from BCB

2016 Community Top Prospects Review: #5 Josh Hader
2016 Community Top Prospects Review: #4 Trent Clark
eddiemathews, BCB

Continuing in the prospect reviews, next up are LHP Josh Hader and outfielder Trent Clark.

An Early Look at the Milwaukee Brewers Projected Payroll for 2017 | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

As free agency is about to kick off, it’s time for a quick check in on the payroll situation.

Would you like to play Brewers GM in our simulation? | Max Rieper, BCB FanPost

Royals Review is running their yearly offseason simulator this weekend, and is looking for a Brewers fan to represent the Brewers this year.

Links from Other Sites

Fall Stars Game rosters include 16 Top 100 prospects | Jonathan Mayo,

Jacob Nottingham and Brett Phillips were named to the AFL Fall Stars game, which will take place on Saturday.

NPIND: LF — What should the Brewers do about Ryan Braun? | Gabe Stoltz, Disciples of Uecker

With the Brewers facing a glut of outfield prospects, no-trade rights about to kick in, and and aging and large contract, there’s a big decision to make on Ryan BRaun this offseason.

Grading Trades V: The Long View | Nicholas Zettel, BP Milwaukee

The impact of a trade isn’t limited to the players traded away and acquired. It can extend to player trades and acquisitions for years down the road.

MLB Playoffs

2016 World Series Netting Historic TV Ratings | Craig Edwards, FanGraphs

The World Series has put together some impressive ratings this offseason, even beating out Sunday Night Football over the weekend. It could end up being the second most watched World Series of the century.

Yesterday’s Results

World Series Game 6
Cubs 9, Indians 3
Series Tied 3-3

Today’s Game

World Series Game 7
Cubs @ Indians | 7:00 pm, FOX
Kyle Hendricks vs. Corey Kluber
Series Tied 3-3