Taking a chance on Esteban Quiroz

The Mexican League fascinates me. Not only because some of the best mustaches in baseball play in it; but also because of who is behind those mustaches. You have a share of players that have the general body shape of a pear and would look out of shape at a beer league softball game mixed with some has-beens or never could have been "prospects." Mexican Leagues have a history of making players choose young whether to ride busses through small town minor league US systems where the player doesn't know where they are and taco bell is considered food or to sign with a Mexican League club and at least get homemade tortillas on any given Sunday.

The Brewers should seek the services of Estaban Quiroz and trade Scooter. (they may need to throw in Miss Piggy and Kermit to get the deal done.) Estaban is 24 and a shortstop in the Mexican League. He is good in this league which is considered Triple A but might be closer to AA+. Quiroz hit .315 .396 OBP .450 slugging and .845 OPS in 2015 followed by .335 .449 .522 .972 last year. He walked 66 times and struck out 48 times last year. Esteban Quirez is an on-base machine.

So why hasn't anyone given him a chance? Probably because he is a midget. Well, not quite but he is listed at 5' 7". That is short and I have a feeling that it might be generous. But even with the short stature he hit 15 dinger big fly round trippers where he touched them all last year. Don't ask me how deep the fences are in Mexico unless you are willing to cover the cost of my trip down there to do some research.

If Esteban was from Japan or Korea, teams would lining up to pay the posting fee. I don't know exactly the process for extraditing players from Mexico. As a General Manager (in my dreams) I pay others to figure this stuff out. But the Brewers should make this happen. And soon, because we don't want to have to teach Quiroz how to pole vault just to get him out of his country of origin.