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The Thursday Thinker: Revisiting the first basemen since Prince

Three years ago, we did a quiz on first baseman since Prince Fielder. In the three years since, stability has improved but isn’t quite there yet.

St Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers - Game One Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Three years ago, Kyle Lobner published a Thursday Thinker looking at the players who have manned first base in the two years since Prince Fielder left. At the time, 15 players had manned the position in those two years. Since then, first base has seen some stability, but not more than a year. While the Brewers had a player with over 100 appearances at first base in each of the last two years, neither lasted longer than a year with the team.

Now, with Prince Fielder out of baseball due to injury, and Eric Thames signed to be the first baseman of the future, it seemed appropriate to re-visit that quiz from 2013. In the five years since Fielder left the team, we are now up to 25 players who have manned first base for at least 1 game. How many of them can you name in six minutes? (Answers do not have to be in order.)

(If you’re having trouble viewing the above quiz, you can view the quiz directly on Sporcle here.)

Once you’re done, be sure to post your score in the comments. If you manage to get all 25, post your time as well. It’s all on the honor system, but it’s also just for fun, so don’t cheat. Also, be warned that the comments may contain spoilers. (If you want to be kind, use spoiler text as well when discussing players in the comments.)

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Good luck, have fun, and make sure to post your score in the comments.