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What We Learned: Contract tender date is today

The Brewers have contract tender decisions to make today in advance of next week’s winter meetings. We discuss that and more in today’s What We Learned.

Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Brewers News and Notes

Links from BCB

What to Expect from Eric Thames | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

What can we expect from Eric Thames as a Brewer? There’s some takeaways we can find in his playing time in Korea.

Milwaukee Brewers 2017 Payroll Projection: Update 1 | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

With Chris Carter gone and Eric Thames on the payroll, the newest payroll projection is down from the original.

Brewers Free Agent Targets: Jae-gyun Hwang | Jaymes L, BCB

The Brewers already took one chance on the international market with Eric Thames. Should they take another on Jae-gyun Hwang?

We have a new CBA: Late-night agreement reached between owners and players’ union | -JP-, BCB

With just a few hours to go until the expiration of the CBA, the owners and players’ union came to an agreement on a new five-year deal that includes several changes to the previous agreement.

The Thursday Thinker: Revisiting the first basemen since Prince | -JP-, BCB

Since a quiz on the first basemen since Prince Fielder three years ago, the list has continued to grow. Can you name all of the players in the new expanded list?

Submit Your Questions for BCB Mailbag #6 | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

There’s still time to get your questions in for today’s BCB Mailbag.

Links from Other Sites

Crew could bolster rebuild at Winter Meetings | Adam McCalvy,

The winter meetings are set to start next week, and the Brewers head into the meetings with several needs to address.

Dealing Braun increasingly makes sense for Brewers | Mike Bauman,

One of those decisions will relove around whether or not the Brewers decide to trade outfielder Ryan Braun. Even though he’s an integral part of the Brewers, it makes sense to make the trade.

Brewers have several arbitration choices to make | Adam McCalvy,

The decision on Chris Carter was just the first decision the Brewers had to make for contracts. Seven other players remain who will have to be tendered contracts by the end of the day.

Arbitration Decisions: Martin Maldonado | Travis Sarandos, Disciples of Uecker

One of the decisions to make revolves around Martin Maldonado. While he does still have value to the team, he may not be needed anymore with two other catchers on the 40-man roster.

Cait’s 2016 Clubhouse Sale Preview | Caitlin Moyer, Cait Covers the Bases

The yearly clubhouse sale takes place today and tomorrow, with many unique items that can be purchased at the sale.

Brewers Holiday Hits | Caitlin Moyer, Cait Covers the Bases

Looking for a Christmas music playlist? The Brewers gave their song selections and they’ve been compiled into one Spotify playlist.