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Looking Back: Longest Brewers Home Runs of 2016

Why not end the year by watching some dingers?

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With the year winding down, we wanted to take a look at some of the most memorable Brewers moments from 2016. Everyone loves dingers, so why not start with remembering the 10 longest home runs hit by Brewers in the past year?

We're using the home run data found on ESPN's Home Run Tracker for this, and sorting them by True Distance.

Admittedly, we're cheating a little bit to start. There are actually 11 listed here, partially because #9 and #10 were tied, and partially because of the circumstances of #11.

Honorable Mention: Domingo Santana, 4/13/16

Pitcher: Trevor Rosenthal
Park: Busch Stadium
True Distance: 437 feet
Speed Off Bat: 110.4 mph

The season was young, but Santana stepped up in a big spot, crushing a two-run homer off of Rosenthal in a tie game in the top of the 9th inning. The Brewers were able to lock down the 6-4 win over the Cardinals in the bottom half of the inning to even their record at 4-4. It would be the first of many rough outings for Rosenthal this year, so let's just go ahead and say that Sunday broke Trevor Rosenthal.

T-9. Martin Maldonado, 7/4/16

Pitcher: Max Scherzer
Park: Nationals Park
True Distance: 438 feet
Speed Off Bat: 110 mph

Nothing more patriotic than taking the eventual Cy Young winner deep on the 4th of July. Maldy's third homer of the season would prove to be the difference in a 1-0 duel between Scherzer and Junior Guerra.

T-9. Jonathan Villar, 9/7/16

Pitcher: Joe Smith
Park: Miller Park
True Distance: 438 feet
Speed Off Bat: 106.8 mph

He's not just a problem for opposing teams on the bases. Villar drilled his 15th homer of the season off the scoreboard to lead off the 8th inning, giving the Brewers a 2-1 lead against the Cubs that would hold up as the final score.

8. Chris Carter, 8/10/16

Pitcher: Joel De La Cruz
Park: Miller Park
True Distance: 439 feet
Speed Off Bat: 105.9 mph

We have our first Sleepy bomb of the list, and like many of his home runs, the easy swing makes it look like a potential sac fly -- until the ball bounces off the Miller Lite banner on the scoreboard.

7. Ryan Braun, 5/26/16

Pitcher: Matt Wisler
Park: Turner Field
True Distance: 440 feet
Speed Off Bat: 113 mph

This is what happens when you give Braun an 85 mph fastball middle-middle. This was the second-hardest hit Brewers home run of the year, only trailing a Carter line drive against the Twins in April that barely cleared the fence. This one had plenty of breathing room.

T-5. Chris Carter, 5/15/16

Pitcher: Cesar Vargas
Park: Miller Park
True Distance: 443 feet
Speed Off Bat: 107.6 mph

Carter's second scoreboard shot on this list, and his 11th home run of the year. This one is made even more impressive by the fact you could possibly consider it an oppo shot, banging it off an ad on the lower right portion of the scoreboard in right-center.

T-5. Keon Broxton, 8/5/16

Pitcher: Braden Shipley
Park: Chase Field
True Distance: 443 feet
Speed Off Bat: 106.3 mph

You probably wouldn't have expected Broxton to make this list at the start of the year, and even in August you could hear the surprise in Brian Anderson's voice on the call. This was the start of the late-season hot streak that has a lot of people dreaming big about his 2017 season, even after his fractured wrist.

4. Ryan Braun, 8/14/16

Pitcher: Cody Reed
Park: Miller Park
True Distance: 444 feet
Speed Off Bat: 108.7 mph

Braun has homered against the Reds more than any other team he's faced (35), and this is one of those great Braun home runs where he knows it's gone the second he makes contact, *and* the ball never really leaves the frame once the camera cuts to the outfield view. Just an absolute laser beam. This was only one part of a monster game from Braun in which he drove in six runs in his first three at-bats.

T-2. Hernan Perez, 7/28/16

Pitcher: Robbie Ray
Park: Miller Park
True Distance: 448 feet
Speed Off Bat: 108.3 mph

Another guy you wouldn't expect to be on the list, let alone tie for the second-longest homer of the year. Perez also stole two bases in this game, so it's probably not a surprise that Perez led all players in Win Probability Added on this day.

T-2. Ryan Braun, 9/16/16

Pitcher: John Lackey
Park: Wrigley Field
True Distance: 448 feet
Speed Off Bat: 108.8 mph

The wind at Wrigley doesn't matter when you hit a frozen rope *over* the batter's eye. Braun saved his best for (nearly) last.

1. Chris Carter, 8/19/16

Pitcher: Wade LeBlanc
Park: Safeco Field
True Distance: 456 feet
Speed Off Bat: 111.8 mph

Was there any doubt who would top the list? Safeco is a large park and Carter hit this one 3/4 of the way up the batter's eye in dead center. Not only was this the longest Brewers home run of the year, but it was the third-hardest hit. Not surprisingly, Carter hit 5 of the 8 hardest-hit Brewers dingers of 2016.

These were the longest home runs of the year, but feel free to share your most memorable Brewers bombs of the year in the comments.

Data courtesy ESPN Stats & Information Group