Mauricio Dubon vs. Isan Diaz

With all the angst over the return of the Tyler Thornburg trade, I figured I would dig a little deeper. Since Isan Diaz and Mauricio Dubon are both middle infielders and are ranked #8 and #9 in the Brewers system, I figured that would be a great comparison.

Let's start with their prospect grades on the 80-scale.

Isan Diaz ---------- Hit 50, Power 55, Run 45, Arm 50, Field 50 --- Overall - 55
Mauricio Dubon - Hit 55, Power 40, Run 55, Arm 55, Field 55 --- Overall - 50

Wow... that looks pretty close to me. Diaz has more power, but Dubon is the better hitter, runner and fielder. Dubon also looks like he could play SS, 2B and CF. Pretty good, eh?

Diaz has played great, but he is still a high strikeout guy and didn't carry a great average last year.

Dubon, on the other hand, has a very low K% and a pretty good K:BB (if he can replicate what he did at the lower levels). Dubon also stole 30 bases last year and his .323. When he move up a level, his average and power went up... he K:BB went down.

This past season, a lot of people on here were saying that Diaz was the 2B or 3B of the future. That's pretty good, eh?

It seems to me that you would GLADLY take the 2B or 3B of the future for a relief pitcher with an injury history and only a couple more years of team control. Well, if you would take that, then wouldn't you take the future CF or 2B of the future just the same?

Dubon IS the piece of the trade that made it happen. It looks like the kid can play and essentially is just as good of a prospect as Isan Diaz... or Gilbert Lara... or Jacob Nottingham... or Lucas Erceg.

If Nottingham and Derby were good enough for Davis, the Dubon and Pennington... and Shaw were good enough to get for Thornburg.