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Brew Crew Ball Community Top Prospects Vote: Special Edition

Jacob Nottingham joined the ranks of Brewers prospects on Friday. Where do you think he ranks?

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

I hope you're having a good weekend, BCB community! As you know, Milwaukee swung a big trade yesterday, sending OF Khris Davis to Oakland for a pair of prospects: C Jacob Nottingham and RHP Bubba Derby. We're also in the midst of our community prospect voting, and while Derby probably isn't a candidate for the top ten, Nottingham certainly might be. We wanted to give you a chance to stick him in where you feel he belongs before we go any further, so in the poll below, please select where you think Nottingham belongs. If you decide to keep him outside the top 10, we'll stick him in on Monday's vote. I'm going to average the results to determine where he's ultimately placed. Here's the rundown on Nottingham:

C Jacob Nottingham (20)

Acquired: Traded from Oakland in 2016

2015 with Low-A Quad City (Astros): .326/.387/.543, 10 HR, 1 SB, 7.1 BB%, 20.2 K%, 169 wRC+ (253 PA)
2015 with High-A Lancaster (Astros): .324/.368/.606, 4 HR, 0 SB, 3.9 BB%, 13.2 K%, 160 wRC+ (76 PA)
2015 with High-A Stockton (Athletics): .299/.352/.409, 3 HR, 1 SB, 6.6 BB%, 20.9 K%, 107 wRC+ (182 PA)

Ranks on other lists:
Baseball Prospectus: 3 (Athletics, 66 overall)
Baseball America: N/A
Minor League Ball: 5 (Athletics)
MLB Pipeline: N/A

Your list so far:

1. SS Orlando Arcia 11.
2. OF Brett Phillips 12.
3. RHP Jorge Lopez 13.
4. OF Trent Clark 14.
5. LHP Josh Hader 15. Ps & Cs Report!
6. SS Gilbert Lara 16.
7. RHP Cody Ponce 17.
8. RHP Zach Davies 18.
9. RHP Devin Williams 19.
10. ??? 20.

Kodi Medeiros is currently leading the vote for the No. 10 spot. This poll will stay open until noon on Monday.