Did Slingin' Stearns Get this one Wrong?

I approved all the moves Carte Blanche. And all the way through I posted positive comments on each trade, each acquisition.

The last 2 have been out of the blue brilliant.

Segura for Diaz, Hill, and Chase Anderson, with Diaz the featured player and Chase Anderson a major league caliber starter. It didn't matter much, we had to pick about 50% of Aaron Hill's salary. Well worth it, and Hill could potentially be moved maybe before the trading deadline.

Khris Davis for Jacob Nottingham and Bubba Derby "The Kentucky Kid". Creative, forward thinking, fills a current and future organizational need as Nottingham, aged 20, leaps ahead of any other catcher in our organization, Derby is a sleeper, but could eventually pitch in the majors, probably out of the bullpen,

In retrospect now. Jason Rogers for Keon Broxton and what's his name, Trey Supak. We needed a CF, and Broxton was on offer. Slingin' Dave moved early because it was noted that Santana would not start in CF on opening day. Broxton, who was touted as the 4th outfielder in Pittsburgh could do that. He has the speed , enough AAA experience, defensively solid, but a close scrutiny immediately pointed to a nasty 32% strikeout rate in the minors.

We had no choice then. We had to bring in a first baseman. Probably Cris Carter over Stu Pearce because Pearce wanted 2 years. I approved the Carter signing.

But then we started acquiring a succession of centerfielder's. Ramon Flores in the Sardinas deal. Kirk Nieuwenhuis on waivers, and the best of them all Ryhmel Liriano also off the waiver wire. Hard to follow especially in the case of Nieuwenhuis but he did stand out as the superior defensive specialist, except that as things have turned out, we might not have a place for him even in the short term. But ok, as a defensive specialist he can hold his place as 4th or 5th outfielder, Davis has moved on and Flores might not be ready for a month or so. Yes, it could be added that at the time of acquisition, Nieuwenhuis, might have been the starter. But that again asks the question of why we went out and got Broxton.

So what am I saying. We did not actually have to move Rogers. We could have played this year and next with Jason at first and we would still be covered in the outfield.

So does it make a difference? I'm saying yes, because if Cris Carter falls flat and is mediocre or worse defensively, we are going to have to replace him at some point. He could also hit 20 HR's by June and be traded for at least a B prospect. He could even hang around another year to entertain the fans, so not a total loss. Andy Wilkins covers for Carter in the interim, but Andy would be a bit below Rogers at the plate, a shade better in the field.

So the Roger's deal? Did we need to do that and did we need to do it so early. Dave has done better recently waiting out the market.

And it's not necessarily a criticism, more of an observation, albeit, ex post facto,

What do you guys think?