A Modest Proposal to Judy Faulkner and Mark Attanasio

This isn't a modest proposal like Jonathon Swift's; more of a Quixotic Proposal, I guess.

Many of us have been trading ideas back and forth since an internet story about the Brewers having interest in leaving Colorado Springs (site of their AAA affiliate) for, perhaps, San Antonio. I have no knowledge whether that is in fact a possibility, or if the Brewers are actually interested in leaving Colorado Springs. There are reasons for doing so, none of which are relevant here.

So to the point: many would love a Brewers affiliate in the Madison area. I don't know if it could support a AAA franchise, and I also know that Madison can be a tad difficult to work with on projects like this. So we were talking about surrounding options; I proposed McFarland for purely personal, silly reasons, and then Verona came up...and the idea of Epic Systems and the Brewers working together to build a multi-use facility came up. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. (Of course, it isn't my money, so it's easy for me to like it.)

A domed facility that seated 15,000 for baseball could easily convert to a concert venue seating 20,000 or so. It could house high school tournaments. Trade shows. Epic could use it for their annual Customer Meetings. I'm not sure what the two organizations would gain from this (Epic Stadium at Miller Park? Too much?), but that wasn't my main concern. Trying to convince two of the most forward thinking individuals doing business in the state of Wisconsin that this is a good idea wouldn't be my forte. I need somebody with a history for doing business deals for that. Perhaps one will present themselves.

I would be happy to work part-time at the new facility for baseball games (see, I'm even trying to get in for free). Feel free to file this proposal where it most properly belongs; don't worry about my feelings. I've had dumber ideas than this.