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BCB Community Projects: Fan Post Promotion!

From now on we're going to start promoting Fan Posts more. If you write one, it might get featured on the main page over the weekend!

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The greatest thing about SB Nation and Brew Crew Ball has always been the community. We have the best comment section on the internet. But I know I could be doing more to support the community and one area that I've neglected has been Fan Posts. I'd like to try and change that.

It's my understanding that Fan Posts have been the backbone of SB Nation since the start. I mean, really that's what they were before SB Nation became an official thing. A lot of current writers across the various sites actually got their start by creating Fan Posts and that's something I'd like to begin fostering at Brew Crew ball.

The one question I've received most since taking the reins at BCB is "How do I become a contributing member of the Brew Crew Ball staff?" The best way is to have some kind of writing sample to show us when we have a vacancy. When I started I needed to find two members I thought were capable of contributing strong articles on a consistent basis with a heavy workload. I was pretty lucky to find Travis and Kyle. But tons of people applied and unfortunately that means tons of people didn't make the final cut.

But it's different now. I have my main contributors in JP, Kyle, and Travis. And with the season approaching, we're going to start looking for some more writers to contribute on a more casual basis. Since I won't need you to write as many articles, I don't have to be as strict with qualifications.

I'll still be giving priority to those with writing samples though. I'll accept writing samples from any blog or website. But I think creating a Fan Post here on Brew Crew Ball would be a great way to start, for those that may not have written anywhere else. The editor used for Fan Posts is essentially the same one we use to write our articles. So it helps you with familiarity too.

So here's what I'm going to do to promote these Fan Posts. Every week I'm going to post an article with a question in it. That question will be something like "Which free agent do you think the Brewers should sign?" or "Who do you think should close games for the Brewers?" Stuff like that. What I want you to do, is use that question as the basis for your Fan Post. Then I'll select a couple or a few and pin them to the top of the Front Page over the weekend. When you come to the site you see five articles on the top of the page. Those articles typically get the highest traffic so more people should be able to see your Fan Posts. I'm hoping this will be a fun experiment and if it's one that works I'll keep it going during the regular season too.

To be very clear, I cannot promise anything to anyone. Writing a Fan Post will not guarantee you a spot as a contributor to Brew Crew Ball. But it's going to give you experience and having writing samples is going to give you an edge on those that have none. If you're going to start writing Fan Posts though, I recommend you do it for the fun of it. I just don't want anyone to feel dejected or rejected if they're not eventually chosen to contribute in a more formal capacity.

So here is our first Fan Post Question: Which of Davis Stearns' moves (waiver claim, trade, signing) has been your favorite so far?

Some formatting tips:

1. Use one space after a period.
2. Separate thoughts into paragraphs instead of a wall of text for ease of reading.
3. Always use "left align" instead of something like "align full."
4. If you quote something or use a stat from somewhere, provide a hyperlink.

I'm going to keep the comments open on this article since it's the first time we're doing this. I try to answer any questions you might have. In the future though I'll be closing the comments for the articles that I post the Fan Post Question in. That's my sneaky way of getting more of you to write a Fan Post instead of just answering the question in the comments. ;)

Oh, also, We'll be promoting any and all Fan Posts this way. So if you write one that doesn't have anything to do with the Fan Post question for that week, it still has a chance to make the front page. Fan Posts are all about you so you can write one on anything you want! We're just trying this as a way to promote them.