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BCB Community Projects: Spring Training Game Recaps

Ever want to try your hand at writing a game recap? Well now is your chance. If we like what we see, we might even ask you to help out during the regular season.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of days ago I unveiled our plan to promote Fan Posts. We have a great community here at Brew Crew Ball and we want to foster it. In talking with some other site managers about this kind of thing, one of them suggested opening spring training game recaps to the community. I think that's a great idea.

Every year we try to cover all the spring training games in a similar fashion to how we cover regular season games. But it's difficult because there are only four of us and we all work during the day. So we could certainly use the help. And I think having some of you, our community members, do some recaps would be another great way to promote Fan Posts--not to mention give people interested in contributing to the site in a more official capacity another glimpse into what it's like.

So here's my proposal. I'll list each of the spring training games, including dates, start times, and how they're being broadcast (radio, webcast, television). If you want to write a game recap for any particular game, leave a comment with the date of the game. It's going to have to be first come first serve. I'll update the list here in this article with the username of the person that volunteers to cover the game.

On the day of the game we'd like you to get your Fan Post Recap up sometime reasonably soon after the game ends. It doesn't have to be minutes after. But if the game ends at 4 pm, we'd hope to have it up by 5 or 6 pm. When you do publish your Fan Post, once we see it, we'll pin it to the front page so everyone can see it.

You can use any format you want when writing your game recaps. Here are a couple of examples (onetwo) of past recaps I wrote for last season. Spring training games are different than regular season games though. Especially early on, the regular Brewers will only be playing for a few innings. So at a certain point there will be just a bunch of jersey numbers out there. Don't worry about covering every play of the game. Just hit the main points: Who started the game? Who scored the runs? Did anything interesting happen? What was the final score? That kind of stuff.

When the regular season begins I'm going to look for some people to help us with game recaps and hopefully some of you that volunteer for these spring training games will be interested in that. Again, like with the other Fan Post project, I cannot guarantee anything to anyone. But if I see you can write a solid recap, it's going to give you a leg up on anyone that doesn't have a writing sample. Hopefully this will be a fun exercise for those that choose to participate.

Here's the sign-up sheet. Remember to list the date of the game and the opponents for the recap you want to cover in the comment section!

Date Time Opponent Broadcast Type Writer
Thursday March 3 2:05 pm CT Giants Radio(620 WTMJ) Travis Sarandos
Friday Mar 4 2:05 pm CT Mariners Webcast( Derek Harvey
Saturday Mar 5 2:05 pm CT Athletics Radio Kyle Lesniewski
Sunday Mar 6 2:05 pm CT Indians Webcast
Monday Mar 7 2:05 pm CT Padres TV(FSN/MLBN-1 hr delay) Nick Thulen
Tuesday Mar 8 2:05 pm CT White Sox Webcast
Wednesday Mar 9 2:05 pm CT Royals Webcast
Thursday Mar 10 2:05 pm CT Giants TV(FSN)/Radio ValpoHoops
Friday Mar 11 2:05 pm CT Rangers TV(FSN)/Radio TwoShoesMcGooze
Saturday Mar 12 2:05 pm CT Rockies TV(FSN)/Radio TwoShoesMcGooze
Sunday Mar 13 3:05 pm CT Indians Webcast Pitches Brew
Monday Mar 14 3:05 pm CT Dodgers Radio
Wednesday Mar 16 3:05 pm CT White Sox TV(FSN & MLBN)/Radio 907Cheesehead
Thursday Mar 17 8:05 pm CT Rangers Webcast icelandreliant
Friday Mar 18 3:05 pm CT Reds TV(FSN)/Radio TwoShoesMcGooze
Saturday Mar 19 3:10 pm CT Angels TV(FSN)/Radio James Hutterer
Sunday Mar 20 3:05 pm CT Dodgers TV(FSN) eddiematthews
Monday Mar 21 3:05 pm CT Angels TV(FSN)
Monday Mar 21 8:40 pm CT Diamondbacks TV(FSN Alternate) chrisdurb
Tuesday Mar 22 3:10 pm CT Rockies Radio Andy Reuss
Thursday Mar 24 3:05 pm CT Royals TV(FSN)/Radio Michael E1
Friday Mar 25 3:05 pm CT Cubs Webcast
Saturday Mar 26 3:05 pm CT Diamondbacks TV(FSN)/Radio
Sunday Mar 27 3:05 pm CT Indians TV(FSN)/Radio nick72113
Monday Mar 28 9:05 pm CT Reds Radio followmarty
Tuesday Mar 29 3:05 pm CT Reds TV(FSN) kotsaythebuzzkill
Wednesday Mar 30 3:10 pm CT Rockies Webcast
Thursday Mar 31 7:10 pm CT Astros Radio
Friday April 1 1:10 pm CT Astros Radio
Saturday Apr 2 1:10 pm CT Biloxi Shuckers Webcast aaronetc

Again, this will be first come, first serve. We'll keep updating the list until it's full and we'll pin the schedule somewhere on the front page so you can refer back to it. Or you can bookmark the page yourself. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask!