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Milwaukee Brewers Hire Lane Grindle As Broadcaster

He'll replace the departed Joe Block.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

This past offseason the Milwaukee Brewers lost a member of their radio broadcast team as it was announced that Joe Block would be taking the lead job for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Michigan native was with the Brewers for four seasons from 2012-15 but the allure of the number one job for the team in his wife's hometown of Pittsburgh was too great to keep Block in Milwaukee. Personally I was always a fan of his style and enjoyed his many "Block-isms" during each broadcast alongside Bob Uecker.

After conducting a thorough search for Block's replacement that involved sifting through over 200 applications, the Brewers have finally settled on a new radio voice. Unfortunately it is not Tim Dillard. The team announced today that they have hired Lane Grindle to join the broadcast team, confirming a report from the venerable Jim Goulart (@mass_haas) of had tweeted out earlier in the week. Grindle will take over the role that Jeff Levering occupied last season, calling mostly road games during the trips that Bob Uecker does not attend while Levering himself will move into the role previously occupied by Block.

Grindle is a veteran broadcaster and has spent the last decade with the University of Nebraska in various roles. He was most recently serving as their P.A. announcer during home football games and sideline reporter for road games. He's also hosted pre- and post-game football shows for Husker Sports Network. Grindle's play-by-play experience comes mostly from baseball though as he has been a part of the play-by-play team for the Husker's baseball team for the past several seasons.

In an interview with the Lincoln Journal Star, Grindle was quoted as saying:

"When this opportunity came open, I felt like this is one I have to take a swing at. I think the most exciting thing for me, on a professional level, is the chance to be around and work with Bob Uecker."

Grindle is a native of Hastings, Iowa and said that it was a priority to keep his family of his wife and four children in the Midwest. In addition to calling games during the upcoming season, he'll also take over Levering's social media responsibilities, including a weekly podcast. You can follow Lane on Twitter and congratulate him at @LaneGrindle.