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BCB Community Fan Post Promotion Week 2

Last week week's fan post promotion was a great success. We look forward to this week's and we hope you do too!

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we started our BCB Community Fan Post Promotion. We have such a great community and we want to foster that community. I thought a great way of doing that would be to promote your Fan Posts. The response was universally positive and the results were great. I'm so excited to see what you all have in store for me this week.

Before we get to this week's community question, I wanted to thank everyone that created a Fan Post last week. I chose to highlight three contributions:

Stavid Dearns: Adam Fine Trade
AlDobbs23: Brewers claim Nolin off waivers and it's a good thing
Bayired: What is your favorite Brewers uniform?

Thank you so much to the three of you. You all did great work and should be proud!

On to this week. For nearly ten years the Brewers were attempting to compete. They made the playoffs twice in that time. But now they've decided the best route is to rebuild. They have traded away a lot of major league talent and will roster a team largely consisting of young and inexperience players. Obviously they aren't going to win a lot of games, certainly not enough to be considered competitive. Since making the playoffs isn't the goal this year, we cannot judge their success by their win/loss record. So how do we judge their success?

The question for this week is:

What has to happen for you to consider 2016 a successful season?

Travis had the good idea of adding pictures for the Fan Posts we promote. It makes it look a bit better. So we'll be doing that for the posts we promote.

Also, remember that while I'm going to promote at least one Fan Post that is a response to the Community Question, Fan Posts of any and all topics will be eligible to be promoted. Every weekend we'll pick 1-3 Fan Posts and pin them to the front page. This will greatly increase their visibility so tons more people will be able to enjoy your work. I'm hoping this will be a fun exercise for everyone that chooses to participate. I know it's fun for us to see what you create.

Some formatting tips:

1. Use one space after a period.
2. Separate thoughts into paragraphs instead of a wall of text for ease of reading.
3. Always use "left align" instead of something like "align full."
4. If you quote something or use a stat from somewhere, provide a hyperlink.