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The BCB Mailbag is coming back!

After a long hiatus we're bringing back the mailbag so start getting your questions in now!

Jeffrey Phelps/Getty Images

Hey folks. So, originally I had planned on getting a new BCB Mailbag up each Friday. And I did for quite a while. But then Christmas came, followed by New Year's. Then I got sick. Then a couple of big transactions took place, and well...I guess I just kind of forgot. My bad!

Anyway, some of you have been asking if the mailbag is coming back and I assured you it was. Well it is! Now! Well, Friday to be exact. But you can start getting your questions in now. We actually have quite a lot to talk about since so much has happened since the last mailbag. But don't be afraid to ask non-baseball related questions. The mailbag is supposed to be a fun, end of the week, diversion. We beat ourselves up all week long writing mostly serious baseball content. So it's fun for me to have this as something to look forward to at the end of the week as well.

This is going to work like usual. Leave your questions in the comments now and throughout the rest of the week. And on Friday I'll post the BCB Mailbag with answers to as many questions as I can get to. Thanks again and I'm happy that so many of you enjoyed the mailbag and wanted it to come back.