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Brewers' System Ranked 9th by MLB Pipeline

The usual suspects headline the Brewers top 30 prospects, released today

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Pipeline released their Top 30 Brewers prospects list today as part of their countdown of the league's Top 10 farm systems. The Brewers checked in as the ninth best system in the majors today.

Surprising no one, shortstop Orlando Arcia is the highest rated prospect on the list. He received an overall grade of 65 on the 20-80 scale. The Brewers next four prospects all rated a 55, and all were included in the Top 100 overall list as well. Milwaukee's No. 6 through No. 16 prospects all received 50 grades.

By position, the Brewers's list breaks down as follows: one catcher, five shortstops, nine outfielders, three left-handed pitchers, and 12 right-handed pitchers. You might notice a good chunk of the infield is missing completely, but this is fairly normal -- in general, especially when speaking about prospects with higher upside, the first basemen tend to be either catchers or outfielders who couldn't stick in those more demanding defensive position. Likewise, second and third basemen tend to come from the ranks of players who didn't have the defensive chops to handle short.

Among the shortstops on the Brewers Top 30 list, most scouts say that Isan Diaz is destined to slide over to second base while Jake Gatewood, if he can clean up the holes in his swing, seems likely to slide over the third base or event he outfield. At first base, the Brewers certainly hope that newest arrival Jacob Nottingham can stick behind the dish but he could see himself switching positions if his defense continues to lag too far behind his bat -- at some point, the Brewers will just want to get him into the major league lineup.

Jorge Lopez, who was Milwaukee's Minor League Pitcher of the Year in 2015, saw the biggest rise as he goes from No. 12 on last year's pre-season list to No. 3, and No. 57 on the overall Top 100. Gatewood fell all the way from No. 5 to No. 24, partly due to the rapid improvement of the system and partly due to a disappointing year last season.

MLB Pipeline is releasing it's Top 10 systems in waves all week, with the top three set to be released Friday. The Pittsburgh Pirates are the only team in the NL Central who will outrank Milwaukee. Yet another testament to the improvements started by Doug Melvin and continued by David Stearns.