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What We Learned: Losing streak hits four in a row

The Brewers lost their fourth in a row yesterday after a strong start to the spring. We discuss that and more in today's What We Learned.

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Yesterday’s Results

Giants 3, Brewers 1

This is what we signed up for in 2016, isn't it? It's going to be one of those years where there are a few highs (like the 5-game unbeaten streak to start the spring), but the lows are also going to hit, and they will hit hard. Jimmy Nelson struggled in his two innings of work, though he was encouraged by the start. The Brewers also only managed three hits, and Jonathan Villar drove in the lone run.

Links from BCB
  • The countdown to Opening Day is at 24 days. Today's post focuses on #24 Eric Young Jr.
  • What prospects do you need to know about for the upcoming season? Kyle has the answer for you, providing profiles on any hitting prospect that could impact the Brewers in 2016.
  • Yesterday, Goose Gossage came out and blasted several aspects about the game of baseball that he doesn't like in an interview with ESPN. One of those was Ryan Braun getting a standing ovation after returning from his PED suspension, asking how parents can explain that to their kids. Derek responded to those comments in a post yesterday, explaining exactly how parents can explain what Braun did to their kids.
Other Brewers News and Notes
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This Weekend's Action

It's another full weekend of spring training games as the Brewers continue to prepare for the season. Here is what is on the schedule for the weekend (and make sure to note the time change this weekend):

Friday: Brewers vs. Rangers (2:05 pm CST, FS Wisconsin / Brewers Radio Network)
Saturday: Brewers vs. Rockies (2:05 pm CST, FS Wisconsin / Brewers Radio Network)
Sunday: Brewers @ Indians (3:05 pm CDT,