Join Brew Crew Ball's "Beat The Writers" Fantasy Baseball League!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hello there, Brew Crew Ball community! As Opening Day closes in on us, the nerdier folks among us turn our thoughts to our fantasy baseball leagues for the year. In anticipation of my first regular season as your favorite on line blogger, I'm announcing the creation of the official Brew Crew Ball "Beat The Writers" league. Of course I know that our robust community already has a number of fantasy leagues running, including the one organized by Aaron128. This one is no more official than those -- the only difference here is that you'll be competing with the two new writers here at BCB: Kyle and I.

It wouldn't be enough to simply set up a boring, everyday old fantasy league, however. So we'll make sure that not only are the league's goings-on are recorded on the site from time to time for posterity and bragging rights, but we'll be deciding the official songstress of BCB for 2016: I'll be in the Taylor Swift division, while Kyle will take on all comers in the Meghan Trainor division. Join the division of your choice! At least, until the Taylor Swfit division fills up, at which point you'll be forced to side with Ms. Trainor. Sorry.

Some quick details for the league:

Who: Kyle, Travis and 10 members of the BCB community
When: The draft is scheduled to occur online at 6:30 CDT on Sunday, March 27
What: A 12-team, 5x5 head-to-head mixed league. The only change from traditional 5x5 leagues is that batting average has been replaced by OPS
Where: IDK where you want, ya weirdo
Why: Shut up

If you're interested in playing with Kyle and I for BCB bragging rights, just indicate such in the comments below and share your email address with me, so that I can send you an invite. If you'd rather not share your email publicly in this space, feel free to email me at or DM me on Twitter instead. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!