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Fan Post Question of the Week #4: Who plays in center?

Things just keep on rolling with another Fan Post question.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Hey everyone! We're back for another week of Fan Post promotions. Thanks to icelandreliant and James Hutterer for their submissions:

1. Plan Your Summer: The best Brewers affiliate promotions of 2016 by icelandreliant
2. Redefining 'Success' for the 2016 Brewers by James Hutterer

Great work you two! And if you haven't checked out their articles you definitely should. Now, on to this week's Fan Post Question:

Who do you think is the starting regular in center field for the Brewers on Opening Day?

Until recently I had a specific player I thought had the inside track on regular playing time in center field. However recent comments by Craig Counsell has me second guessing myself. The players still in camp vying for the position are Ramon Flores, Rymer Liriano, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Eric Young Jr, Shane Peterson, Alex Presley, and Keon Broxton. Brett Phillips and Michael Reed were just reassigned to minor league camp to prepare for their seasons. So of the remaining options, which do you think wins the majority of playing time in center to begin the season.

Alternatively, if you wanted you could write about who you think is the starting regular either mid-season or to end the season. It might not be the same player that begins the season in that role.

As always, over the weekend we'll choose 1-3 Fan Posts to pin to the front page. Have fun writing! I know we'll have fun reading your submissions. And again, thanks to everyone that's submitted an article in the past!