A look at the trade pieces remaining.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

On the heels of Carter Capps potential injury, the Marlins could come calling about Will Smith or Jeremy Jeffress. That got me thinking, which Brewers have value left to be traded.

We'll start with the obvious, Will Smith and Jonathan Lucroy. Both could be gone any given day and the return for either should be very appealing. Both should land at least 1 top 100 prospect and 2 or more of an organizations top 15. I believe Lucroy will be traded before he season starts, and Smith will get the closer job and be traded at the deadline or the end of the season in an attempt to land a prospect haul similar to Giles, Kimbrel, or Chapman. On a side note, Jeffress could then slot into the closer's role for the second half of the season and hopefully end in the same result.

Then we have guys who could be traded for mid level prospects if they play well enough to return to a valuable piece. Aaron Hill, Chris Carter, Jeremy Jeffress, Scooter Gennett, Wily Peralta, and Chase Anderson. All of which could fetch at least one serviceable prospect each. Seeing as none of these players are in the long term plans of the team due to the fact that their prime years will be over when the rebuild is complete. I see Aaron Hill being gone by July and all of the others within the next year and a half.

I purposely left out Matt Garza and Ryan Braun from this article because of the Brewers are able to trade Garza they'll give up more in money than what they'll get in return for prospects. Ryan Braun also is worth more to the Brewers than he is to any other team, with his contract and the negative PR that go along with him, he should remain a Brewer until the end of his contract, with a move to first base likely in the near future. It would make no sense to trade Braun and pay for his contract with another team when he is still a top hitter in the game.