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Brewers announce press conference related to "Hank 1"

The team said on Twitter that they would hold a "Hank 1" related press conference. Pavlovian slip?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, I published an article on this website which I filed under "good ways to have a laugh during the last three days before semi-real baseball games begin." Perhaps you noticed but that story, in which I lay out the evidence that Hank the Ballpark Pup may have been switched by a fluffier, nicer-looking impostor, has since gone national, with sites like Deadspin, the Washington Post, the Sporting News and our own parent site SB Nation weighing in on the controversy. The Brewers released a rather vague response online on Tuesday, which the internet rejected. They followed that up with this very cryptic tweet from their official Twitter account, which only stirred the pot further:

The story has only gained steam over the week, and now the Brewers have announced that they'll hold a press conference to address the issue:



HANK 1!?!

The obvious implication of the name "Hank 1" is that there is, in fact, a "Hank 2". Could this be an accidental admission from the Brewers social media team? What is going on? WHERE IS HANK!? We don't know when or where this press conference is taking place, but rest assured that we'll keep you apprised of the latest as we learn it.

But, allow me to be serious for a moment. Because lost in all the hullabaloo about how many Hanks there really are, what the team knew and when they knew it, and which member of the St. Louis Cardinals was ultimately responsible for his death (Yadi. It was Yadi), is the fact that there are some very serous and important baseball games going on.

While it might have been fun for fans of this baseball team that is committed to a multi-season rebuild to have something to talk about other than the near certainty that they'll finish well out of reach of the playoffs over the next couple of years, it's about time to put all this silliness behind us and pay attention to what's really important. Things like whether or not Kirk Nieuwenhuis is going to win the starting center field job, which Brewers reliever will collect the most saves, and who is going to start on Opening Day are what we really should be focusing on, folks.

So, while we're having a bit of fun online as we talk about our favorite team's favorite dog in early March, let's not forget the real reason we love this team: the stoic, no-nonsense Brewers coverage you've come to expect from Brew Crew Ball and all your other favorite Brewers journalists.