Let's Keep Maverick Laughing

Rob Tringali/Getty Images

With all due respect to Will Smith's mom (the woman who birthed the ballplayer currently on the Brewers, and not the actress from "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" who mysteriously disappeared and was replaced by a totally different-looking lady), we need to come together as a community and keep Brett Maverick Phillips and his "choking goose" laugh in the public eye.

While I haven't worked out how to get these in front of him (let alone to do it on camera), I hereby propose we use this thread to post the cheesiest of our jokes, and perhaps a dozen of them or so will find their way to his attention. Let's just hope his face doesn't freeze like that! (because then it would be hard to hit 40 home runs for the parent club in 2017 and every season that follows)