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Fan Post Question of the Week #3

We're seeing a lot of great posts out there people. Keep up the great work and thank you!

We started our Fan Post promotion a few weeks ago and so far I think things have been going great. We're seeing lots of fun and interesting article being submitted by you, the Brew Crew Ball community. We've really enjoyed reading what you've had to offer and I hope everyone else has too. Or if you're one of the writers of the articles we've featured, I hope you've enjoyed the process!

This past weekend we promoted these three Fan Posts:

1. Let's keep Maverick laughing by community member tdgbp.
2. A look at the trade pieces remaining by community member Bucky #1
3. Tempering and building expectations by Stavid Dearns

Absolutely excellent work you three! I genuinely enjoyed reading your posts. And Bucky #1, my dad loves goofy jokes so the comment thread in your post provided me with some nice ones to share with him. Thanks to you and everyone that left a joke in the thread.

This week's Fan Post Question is: Which Brewers starting pitcher do you think has the best season and why?

The Brewers rotation this year is very interesting to me. Matt Garza is really the only true veteran of the bunch with Wily Peralta and his 2.5 MLB years as the next most senior contributor. Of course more major league innings doesn't equal more success. Jimmy Nelson and Taylor Jungmann are young pitchers with relatively few innings under their belt. Each could easily surpass their elders. So who do you think will be the best of the group?

As we've been doing for the last couple of weeks, we'll pick 1-3 Fan Posts and pin them to the Front Page over the weekend. This will let your post be seen by a lot more people! And remember, promoted Fan Posts don't just have to be in response to the Fan Post question. It's just a way for us to provide you with an idea if you need one and to promote the Fan Posts. Any Fan Post you submit will be eligible. We look forward to seeing what you have in store for us. Have fun!

Some formatting tips:

1. Use one space after a period.
2. Separate thoughts into paragraphs instead of a wall of text for ease of reading.
3. Always use "left align" instead of something like "align full."
4. If you quote something or use a stat from somewhere, provide a hyperlink.
5. If you use a picture from somewhere be use to credit the source.