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Sunday Sundries: Brewers week one in review

A look back at the Brewers - week 1

Scooter Gennett's hot start leads the Brewers
Scooter Gennett's hot start leads the Brewers
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Crew ends their first week at 3-3, after facing the even-year Giants (prospective World Series champs) and the AL darlings from Houston.  All in all, for this group of youngsters with a few vets tossed in for effect, a satisfying week.


Gotta be Wily Peralta.  I'm not generally a negative person, but negatives this strong grab and hold your attention.  This is the opening day starter, and the numbers are abysmal:  .394 BAA; 2.28 WHIP; 3.2 HR/9.  Yikes.  He has 25% of all walks allowed by Brewers pitchers.  He has even allowed 50% of all stolen bases seen vs. the team (which, to be fair, needs to be shared with Jonathon Lucroy...his throws Saturday night were not good).

It's early, and that.  So my guess is he will stay in the rotation for some time, even if he isn't showing improvement.  But what if the team plays pretty well and after a month is actually in a contending position?  Do you keep throwing him out there?  The good (?) news is that that probably won't be an issue.

Honorable Mention:  Middle relief.  The three pitchers charged with holding the 6th, 7th, and 8th (Blaine Boyer, Michael Blazek, and Tyler Thornburg) have been very, very good.  Combined, they haven't allowed a run in 10 innings, have a .800 WHIP, and have eased my fears with the injuries to the pen.  Chris Capuano and Carlos Torres haven't been quite as sharp, but both have had a good performance in their last outing.


How could it not be Scooter Gennett?  .389/.500/.889...OPS of 1.339... 3 dingers...4 walks, for goodness sake.  What if he hits 30 dingers with over 100 walks?  How awesome would that be?  How fun is projecting early season hot streaks?   We could ask Astros' fans about Tyler White and Rockies fans about Trevor Story to answer that, I guess.  Oh, and he's scored 5 runs in 6 games!  He's a run-scorer!

But Scoot has looked very comfortable at the plate.  He is pulling the ball a lot, so I'd guess we'll start seeing pitchers go away a lot more...hopefully he can adjust.

Honorable Mention:  WALKS!  26 of them in 6 games.  Really?


Is it too early to ask that Michael Reed replace Keon Broxton on the roster?  Keon looks lost, and I'd rather see him get regular time in AAA to find it.  I had thought of sending Broxton all the way to Biloxi and promoting Maverick to Colorado Springs, but upon reflection don't think that is a particularly good idea.  If Maverick has a really good year there he could make the jump all the way to Milwaukee next year.  Unless Reed kills it.  Then, the Brewers will have a wonderful conundrum!


The Church of The Three True Outcomes.

This team needs more guys who put the ball in play like Yuniesky Betancourt and less strikeout machines like Domingo Santana.

drezdn is referring to batters that have the highest percentage of homeruns, strikeouts, and walks per plate appearance in major league history.  The best are right around 50%.  Brewers first baseman Chirs Carter is a member of the top 5 (a group not-so-oddly including Russell Branyon and Rob Deer).  In a push for top dog status, Chris has started this year at a 61% clip.