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A Tale of Two Cities: Twins Split the Series

Minnesota walked their way to an 8-1 victory.

For the Brewers, consistent play is just out of reach.
For the Brewers, consistent play is just out of reach.
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Milwaukee: Jungmann (4 IP, 3 ER, L); Capuano (2 IP); Torres (1 IP, 1 ER); Freeman (2 IP, 4 ER)
Minnesota: Nolasco (6.1 IP, 1 ER, W); Abad (0.2 IP); May (1 IP); Fien (1 IP)


Source: FanGraphs

Last week, our very own Kyle Lesniewski wrote this article, outlining Brewers' SP Taylor Jungmann's struggles early in the season. 

That article applies more today than when it was written. Jungmann had an awful game, giving up 4 hits, 6 walks (!), and 3 runs on his way to a 4-inning-outing. I think he walked the leadoff batter in every frame he pitched. His 4-seam fastball was at 89mph all day. Suffice to say, it was ugly.

Good news is, he was able to keep the Brewers in the game. The Brewers made it 2-1 in the second with some help from a Ryan Braun double. After Jungmann gave up another run in the 3rd, the score remained 3-1 Twins all the way to the 7th inning.

The Brewers starting pitcher was benched after the 4th, giving way to another sterling outing from Chris Capuano. Cappy pitched two innings, giving up only one hit to bring his season ERA to 3.60.

Unfortunately, the Brewers bats were done for the day-- they never mounted a serious scoring threat after the 2nd, and struck out 8 times. 6 came by the Twins' SP, Nolasco, who pitched a dominant outing.

Some more stuff happened -- Milwaukee's latest callup, OF Alex Presley got an at-bat, which he turned into a sharpley hit single. Carlos Torres pitched an inning and gave up a run on a Miguel Sano HR. Sam Freeman entered in the 8th and was left twisting in the wind. He allowed 2 runs in his first inning of work, where his only real mistake was a hanger to Brian Dozier which ended up in the seats. The other run came on a sac fly, where Twins phenom Byron Buxton tagged and scored despite a perfect throw from Brewers RF Domingo Santana.

I missed the 9th inning because I was trimming my beard. Anybody who has a beard knows there's no great time for this -- but probably in the middle of a game you're supposed to be covering is extra bad. 

Anyway, I had to do it. I work in a juice bar occasionally as part of my new job, and I was informed that if my beard ever reached a length greater than 1/2 inch, I would be required to wear a beard net.

Interestingly, you're never required to wear a moustache net, because it's a scientific fact that something like 90% of moustache hairs fall into your mouth and are swallowed.

Now, I don't know how many of you are familiar with these, but they're literally just hair nets they added an elastic strap to so as to fit on your fat face. The real reason I think they don't require moustache nets is because they never figured out how to make them work. Conversely, Steve Harvey's moustache IS a net -- and instead of being filled with hair it's filled with shoe polish.

Moral is, beard nets are one of the saddest and cruelest devices ever contrived by man, and if your beard is more important to you than your dignity that makes me feel bad. 

I trimmed to something like 3/8", for those who are curious.

Freeman gave up two more runs in the 9th to make it 8-1. The Brewers went 1-2-3 in the bottom of the frame to end the game and split the series, 2-2.

The Brewers now stand at 5-9. The Phillies come to town tomorrow at 7:10 PM CT in a matchup of 7-9 teams and bitty baby boy pitchers who both wear #27, as Philadelphia's Aaron Nola takes on Milwaukee's Davies. Both are looking to bounce back from rough starts.