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Sunday Sundries - Week 3

and other musings as the season hits the 11.7% done point

Such a nice swing.
Such a nice swing.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The "real" part of the schedule started with a game every day this week, but the Brewers did get 3 innings off due to rain in 'the city(ies) with the misplaced dome'.  So they got that goin' for them.  A 3-4 week leaves the Crew at 8-11, which is amazing considering how abysmal the starting pitching has been.


Oh my.  Wily Peralta makes a move into the "well, they might have a chance tonight" department, Jimmy Nelson is in the "we'll be in this one for sure" department, but Chase Anderson joins everybody else in the "oh, shit" department.  As has been pointed out, having by far the worst starting pitching in baseball with Nelson in the rotation is ridiculous.  In 1879. Will White had 75 complete games for Cincinnati.  He started 75, and completed every one.  Heck, he even had a relief appearance!  And he finished that one, too!  He was 43-31, and pitched 680 innings.  He allowed 150 earned runs.  He also allowed 254 unearned runs.  Wow!  (I'm not exactly sure why he only had 74 decisions.  Maybe they had a tie.)

My point is...can't Jimmy start every third day?  I mean, c'mon.  Those old-timers couldn't have taken better care of themselves than the players today.

Honorable Mention:  Josh Hader has a 0.53 ERA for the 12-4 Shuckers.  He has allowed only 6 hits in 17 innings, with a WHIP of 0.82.  He has k'd 27 in 17 innings.  So there's that.


The Brewers regular 3 and 5 hitters have combined for a .331 avg., a .661 slg. pct., a .397 on base pct., with a 1.058 OPS.  Ryan Braun and Chris Carter are raking.  Maybe that's why they have won 8 games...and just for fun (and because I love to do this), they project to combine for 103 doubles and 85 homers.  And 197 runs scored with 256 rbi.  This would be acceptable.

If Jonathon Lucroy does anything at all in between them, it will make life very difficult for opposing pitching staffs.

Honorable Mention:  Lucroy (ob% of .348), Domingo Santana (.359), Scooter Gennett (.361), and Jonathon Villar (.369) all point to an offense that will score runs.  Only Aaron Hill (.220) is, well, awful.  Maikel Franco would look pretty good there.


It is entirely possible that the major league record for consecutive no-hitters could be tied Wednesday night.  Oh boy!  I'll be recapping that historical moment!  Or the Brewers could put a 5 spot on the Cubs in the top of the first and maybe make a game of it.  Man, the Cubs can hit.


Hats off to AKBrewfan and the other couple of folks that took the game thread total for the 5-2 loss on Friday to a whopping 28 posts.  Keepin' the faith in Alaska!  Scoot could have his bat on his shoulder.

Can we get a "Plate Discipline Scooter" bobblehead?

Howz about a winning week?  Not the right week to ask?  Oh, well.