Random Thoughts on the Game. MLB 2016 and Beyond.

Well guys, I'm still a fan. We arrived in the USA at the end of 1966. I picked up on the Tigers in '67 and they gave me 2 phenomenal years including a WS win. Hard to explain, but as I attended college in Wisconsin and quickly learned a lot about pro sports, the Brewers caught my attention in 1970. It didn't hurt much because I followed the Bucks and Packers, who have had some success over the years. Less so the Bucks, but I lived in Wisconsin during their best years, Kareem and all, so it was great really. Less great the Brewers, but I liked them anyway. Merle and Uek in the booth made every game worth listening to on the radio. As 2016 comes around, I haven't waivered much. But the game has changed...oh how it has changed. Here are my random thoughts on the game up to date. Totally random, off the cuff. 1.Opt out Clauses; where did they come from? I never new much if anything about them until ARod invoked his opt out with the Yankees. Then Sabathia, then recently Greinke and Cespedes has one. What? A club bids on a player and writes him a lifetime deal. Mega money all guaranteed. The with the opt out, the player gets to renegotiate, forcing the club to up the ante, or go back on the open market like Greinke. What again? Who dreamed up this one and got it into collective bargaining? And if there is such an opt out, why isn't it mutual? Why can't the club also opt out or maybe buy out the contract. 2.Starting Pitchers and the Complete Game: Luis Tiant had 187. Fergie Jenkins 267, Spahn 382 and they are more or less from the modern era. Sabathia leads the active players with 38, while a modern era pitcher like Johsn Santana had only 15. And almost all the modern era guys, the current era, get arm trouble. That's despite pitch counts and innings limits, so that's sometimes hard to figure out. 3. The Loveable Cubs and the WS: I don't hate them. I don't like them beating the Brewers but I don't hate them. For many tears WGN was one of the few Midwestern radio stations you could get anytime, anywhere. I listened to the games, Billy Williams, Santo, Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins (again), with Jack Brickhouse, and I did think at the time they were loveable. The collapse in '69, then Bartman and Moses. I am not sure if Moses catches the ball, but then 2 errors and a Mark Prior meltdown sealed the debacle anyway. I look at the Cubbies 2016, and I think, sure nice team. But then you have the Nats, Mets and a few other clubs who are similar. Nothing guaranteed, but they do have a chance and I would not mind to see it. 4.Baseball Prospects 2016, After Trout and Harper, maybe Puig. And guys like Manny Machado, Correa, who all cut it nicely in the field. Then for every one of them you have players like Sano and Joey Gallo, massive numbers but high strikeouts and a liability in the field. They attract tremendous attention. but at the end of the day they are still boom or bust. More likely bust. 5. Brewers Near Future: nice team shaping up. But when all our prospects are matured and playing what about the pitching? Jimmy Nelson looks great, but currently no one else, is stepping up to fill the gaps. And then the bullpen, which is supposed to be rock solid, suddenly relies on 3 pitchers with 2 others on the sidelines. Will Smith need surgery ( I think he will), and what about Knebel? He reported to camp overweight, out of shspe and immediately got arm trouble. What kind of shape will he be after 2 months on the DL. We have players in the minors who are ready to step up, but no vacancies currently.How about in 3 years, will we have a whole group of hard throwers major league ready? What am I saying therefore? Will all these prospects mature soon enough so good hitting and good to great hitting will coincide. Patience I know. Still very early, a lot can change. 6. Our Fans, BCB Contributors. Some old some new. Beyond the humor, always enjoy the in game analysis, good or bad. A fan is a fan.