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Opening Day Countdown: One Day Left!

This is it folks. Only one day left until real Brewers baseball!

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

I've been doing this countdown series for so long now I can scarcely believe this is the last one! I started on January 1st and have had one go up on the site every day since. I wanted to challenge myself and good lord was this a challenge. This is the 98th countdown article. What was I thinking? Ninety-eight of these things in a row. And that's in addition to all the other articles I wrote for the site (138 in total). My brain has gotten kind of melty. At this point I'm not sure what I'm more excited about: The baseball season starting or the countdown series ending!

It was a fun experiment though and I am happy I was able to pull it off. Well at least so far. I'm struggling to come up with an idea to tie into the number one. At first I thought maybe I could write about Corey Hart who used to wear number one on his jersey. I think he was something of a fan favorite and he hit 273/334/491 while with the Brewers. But injuries ruined the last three seasons for him and as far as I know he's not even playing baseball anymore. So that would be a depressing article.

I thought about writing up the best Brewers season. That would either be the 1982 season (95-67) or the 2011 season (96-66). But I've written about those teams already. The same goes for the Brewers best hitter (Robin Yount) and the best pitcher (Ben Sheets or Teddy Higuera).

Then I thought maybe I could write about the one thing I'm most excited for this season. But that's pretty hard to decide on. I'm crazy excited to see Orlando Arcia come up and play. I've been following his rise through the minors for years now. I did get to watch him play at Biloxi last year. But it's not the same. It was fun, but I can get excited for the Shuckers like I can for the Brewers. And it was a stream so the quality was lesser than watching an HD broadcast on television, which matters to me.

But I'm also really excited to see what happens with Michael Reed this year. He's been my underdog follow for a couple of seasons now. He's the guy that wasn't getting a lot of press that I thought was really good. He's only now starting to get recognition and that great. Now I want to see if he'll be given a chance to win a full time position with the major league club. This is the season to do it.

There's one more prospect that I'm really looking forward to seeing play. That's Jorge Lopez. I've been watching his minor league career with great interest since he was drafted in 2011. The word on him at the time was projection. He looked like he could develop into something special, but it would take time. He was going to be a project. And now it looks like all that work is going to pay off in a big way. A lot of prospect writers are pegging him as the best SP prospect since Yovani Gallardo and that's a big complement. He should get at least a handful of starts with the major league team if not more. And I'm very interested in seeing how that goes.

I couldn't decided on just one topic for today. So I thought I'd just quickly go over all of them. Because this is my series and it's finally ending and I can do whatever I want! I'm free. Free! Just kidding. I'll probably write another 500 articles before the season ends because I love baseball and I have a problem! Speaking of loving baseball...IT STARTS TOMORROW THAT IS SO CRAZY ARE YOU GUYS SUPER EXCITED I KNOW I AM YAAAAY!