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Fan Post Question of the Week #5

Welcome to the regular season everyone! We're bringing back the Fan Post Question of the Week to celebrate!

John Konstantaras/Getty Images

Hey everyone and welcome to baseball season! We took a couple of weeks off from the Fan Post Questions because things were super busy and we had a lot of stuff to publish over the weekends. Therefore we wouldn't have the space on the Front Page for Fan Posts. But we still want to keep promoting the community so we're bringing back the Fan Post Question of the Week. It'll work just like before. I'm going to provide you all with a topic to write about and I'll pick 1-3 Fan Posts to put on the front page over the weekend.

All last week I and the rest of the BCB writing staff provided you with our bold predictions for the Brewers. Here are the links if you missed any of them:


Now it's your turn! Let everyone know what your bold predictions are. If you want my recommendation, go with something you think is possible, but unlikely. That's what I think "bold prediction" is in a nutshell anyway. But it's up to you to define just what a bold prediction is.

Have fun! All the past submissions have been great and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all have to offer this time around.