eddiemathews very bold, maybe silly season predictions

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I don't really see much point in predicting bad stuff. I pick the Badgers in my brackets every, last year was THIS CLOSE! So, here goes...

1. Scooter Gennett's 30 homers will lead the Brewers. And put to rest all of you doubters of what a great player he is. Just wait till he reaches 18 years of age! Then you'll REALLY see something!

2. Jimmy Nelson will throw the Brewers second no-hitter. Rock will promptly retire.

3. Colin Walsh will play every position except catcher this season. He will have a better career pitching line than Maldy.

4. The Brewers will have a better winning percentage when I recap games than anyone else.

I intend to fully enjoy this season no matter what. Of course, all of you will have a big part in that.