Lukewarm Takes: The 6th Boldest Predictions You'll Ever See

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and a happy Opening Week to all. I thought the Fanpost question of the week seemed like a simple but fun one so without further ado, let's get bold(ish).

Domingo "Sunday" Santana Becomes More Valuable Than His Evil Twin

About a month ago August Fagerstrom of Fangraphs wrote this interesting little piece that with a few caveats, makes the claim that Domingo and Astros' sorta-phenom George Springer are actually the same person. There are a lot of interesting questions to ask based on this information such as "How does Sunday shrink 2 inches every time he plays with the rest of the Astros" (Answer: Jose Altuve bends light around him and causes many height based illusions). My bold prediction regarding this information is Sunday will post a higher WAR than George Springer this season. This is less about Springer taking any potential steps back and more about Santana stepping forward emphatically with the increase in playing time. ZiPS projects a .252/.337/.467 line for Santana, as well as 2.5 WAR vs 2.9 for Springer. I'll make my personal Santana projection more like .255/.359/.500, and I'll further predict he'll top Springer by the same difference he is projected to be topped by; 0.4 WAR.

Jungmann Shows Us He Wasn't a Fluke

I thought most of last season until he eventually unraveled and proved me right that Taylor Jungmann was indeed a fluke. There was however, a small golden time frame just before he tipped downwards that he won me over. Though he betrayed that hope I placed in him not long after, I think Jungmann will be able to take another step forward and face his control related demons that surfaced last year in the form of a pretty bad 3.54 BB/9. It's my hope that some combination of experience, confidence, and perhaps the new pitching coach (hey it could happen) will whittle that walk rate down to a more average 3.0 or 2.9 BB/9. If Jungmann does that without really falling off anywhere else I think he'll become a rotation mainstay, even if he's never the ace you hope you get from the first round of the draft. We can just start putting that pressure on Lopez or Ponce and leave the back end to Jungmann.

Scooter is the First Brewer Traded

I'll admit I barely believe this myself, but it sure would be interesting if it happened wouldn't it? Frankly Scooter has alerted that world that he is indeed alive and still a professional baseball player through his spring hot streak and his dominance over the Giants' pitching staff in the opening series. Obviously I am not claiming that all means he'll become Mike Trout (He's not tall enough anyways) however I think it means he has the ability to show any clubs looking for infield help that even if he is just a platoon bat, he can be an extremely effective one. I do think Scooter will have a bit of a career year whether he's traded or not, a feeling based pretty much entirely on hope. So add his 'hey look at me!' spring and opening series, an injury or a massive under performance by a contender's starting 2nd baseman, and some offensive numbers by June that show he's absolutely worth having to smack righties around 4 out of 5 days and you've got all the ingredients you need for this one to come true.

Wild Card Prediction: A Brewers Pitcher Throws the First No Hitter of the 2016 Season

Call it a hunch.