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VIDEO: Tim Dillard hits a home run

Dillard still has some power at the plate.

Rich Pilling/Getty Images

Most Brewers fans know who Tim Dillard is (even if we joke about his existence at times in the comments sections). Even though he hasn't had the greatest career, he makes an impact that goes beyond baseball. His impressions have got him featured on ESPN and FOX. He's written a blog about some of his experiences in baseball. He sat in as a guest broadcaster on a spring training broadcast this year. He also posts plenty of videos on his Twitter account, most of the recent ones "dubsmashes" with some of his teammates at Colorado Springs.

Even though he does all of that, he's still a baseball player, and it's nice to celebrate some of his big moments as a player. One of those came during yesterday's Sky Sox game, when Dillard got his first at-bat of the season in a relief appearance. He made the most of it.

For the record, this is not Tim Dillard's first home run of his professional career. His previous two came in 2006 with Huntsville and 2007 with Nashville. This may be his first home run as a reliever, though. He also pitched three innings in yesterday's game, allowing just one run and three hits.

Dillard will always be a favorite among Brewers fans, regardless of whether it's playing in the organization or through some of his activities off of the field. Hopefully the Brewers have some plans to keep him around once he decides that his playing days are done.  For now, he'll continue to brighten our days with his performances, both on and off the field.

(Also, if you're not following Tim Dillard on Twitter, you should fix that.)