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The Brewers Face a Tough Decision with Wily Peralta

Is there a place for Wily Peralta in the Brewers' future?

What will the Brewers do with Wily?
What will the Brewers do with Wily?
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A poor performance last season and a disastrous start to this season has given the team reason to reconsider what to do with Wily Peralta. Not just right now in 2016, but to wonder whether they can consider him a viable asset for the pitching staff as the rebuild progresses. Craig Counsell has actually mentioned the possibility of moving Peralta out of the rotation to the baseball media.

You can't go anywhere that discusses the Brewers without seeing Wily leading the topics of discussion. Most of the conversation is about who replaces Wily, and to what to do with Wily. It seems to me that what to do with Wily is by far the more important topic for the future of the team, and is probably what is keeping David Stearns up at night.

Peralta's overall measurables have declined steadily over the last two years. He is giving up more hits. He is walking more batters while he is striking out fewer. He is giving up more home runs, and more runs in general. His inability to get outs means that the bullpen must pitch more in his starts, which impacts future games. The Brewers aren't contending this year, but the steady decline in Peralta's performance must give the Brewers doubts as to whether he should be considered a starter any more.

Kyle detailed the issues Wily has had with his change up. If Peralta were pitching out of the pen, he could put the change up in cold storage. That would allow him to focus on his best two offerings - sinker / slider.  He wouldn't have to pace himself, and his velocity could get back up to 96-97 on his fastball. He could be yet another power arm in the back end of the bullpen.

Can Wily Peralta handle that move? I don't know. It beats going to the minors. And if he can't, I don't see a future for him in the organization.

As to who replaces him...I don't care. As long as it isn't Josh Hader quite yet.