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A Tale of Two Dingers: Brewers Lose To Mets 3-2

WP: Matz (6-1), LP: Peralta (2-5), SV: Familia (14)

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For whatever reason, FSN wasn’t working on my Sling TV tonight so I wasn’t able to actually watch the game (though I’ve had no issues with the Sling TV service up to this point and highly recommend it for you cable-cutters out there), but I was able to catch most of it on the radio. This will result in a shorter recap than usual from me, which is probably a good thing for the reader… go out and enjoy your Friday night!

Wily Peralta pitched one of his best, if not his best, game of the season, striking out 6, yielding 3 runs, and falling just short of 6 innings pitched and a quality start. As the title of this recap references, two dingers were the big plays of the game, one from each team. On the Brewers side, Chris Carter hit a 2-run homer off of Steven Matz in the 1st inning after Jonathan Villar started the game off with a leadoff single. On the Mets side, Michael Confronto offset Carter’s 2-runner with one of his own in the 6th inning after an Asdrubal Cabrera single.

The deciding factor was a sac groundout by Rene Rivera in the 2nd inning, bringing in Neil Walker of the Mets. Add all that up and it’s 3-2 Mets after that Confronto homer in the 6th. Neither team would score after that point.

The only other exciting thing that happened on-field that I gathered from the radio broadcast was a Hernan Perez steal that was originally called safe but was then challenged by the Mets and overturned. The exciting (well, maybe not exciting, but definitely entertaining) thing that happened off-field was Bob Uecker talking about this Citi Field hot dog vendor who barks like a dog… and Ueck proceeded to bark like a dog himself to do an impression of him… as if we couldn’t imagine what a barking hot dog vendor sounds like. Oh, Ueck. Be immortal and never retire. He was actually inquiring about this vendor since he usually sees him at Mets home games but didn’t see him at all today. Bob was pretty concerned and I never found out if he ever saw the vendor or not. Oh well, it’s only Game 1 of the weekend series. There’s time for their paths to cross once again.

So it’s a shame that Wily couldn’t quite pull together a quality start that was dominant. His pitch count was really good in the early innings but the wheels began to fall off later in his night and he couldn’t get through the 6th. Still, after what his season has been like, this is a step in the right direction and goes in line with the solid starting pitching the Brewers have had over the past week.

Aaaaaaaaaaand… I’m 0-3 on recaps. Oh well.  Get ‘em next time, Crew!