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If Khrush were still a Brewer...

The trade made total sense and second guessing it isn't (entirely) my intent, but I miss Khris Davis.

Khrush's power would have been welcome in the Brewers' line-up
Khrush's power would have been welcome in the Brewers' line-up
Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

An alternate recap of tonight's Reds at Brewers game:

"The Brewers rode Khris Davis' second 3 homer game of the season to a 9-6 win over the Reds at Miller Park. Michael Blazek won his third game in the Brewers' last four, and the Brewers climbed to 26-22, trailing the Cubs by 7 games but pulling within 1½ games of the Pirates.

Khrush's homeruns took his season total to 16, leading the National League... minor league notes, Domingo Santana returned to the Sky Sox lineup after his stay on the DL for his sore shoulder. He went 1 for 3 with a single, a walk, and a strikeout..."

Hey! It's possible. The Brewers would have been a better team this year with Khrush. Braun would still be in right; my guess is actually that Sunday would have platooned in center with Kirk  Nieuwenhuis, and Ramon Flores and Keon Broxton would have been back-ups. Alex Presley would have been the minors (or majors) for somebody else. But they might have decided that Sunday should get full time work in Colorado Springs.

Comparing how Sunday has produced this year and what Davis has done for the A's is a non-starter.  Santana has been playing hurt, and his numbers have declined since a solid start.  Khrush is somewhere near .232/.265/.510 with 13 homers going into tonight. He has a negative .2 WAR as a fielder, but actually has an outfield assist! The team would have most likely started with Sccot leading off, or maybe Villar...both would have been fine.

Khrush after Braun, Luc, and Carter, though...that would have been awesome. We would all be conflicted about this rebuild and the potential for a Wild Card spot right here, right now.

And if (when) the Brewers fell out of contention...another trade chip would have been in the mix. Imagine the anticipation of trading the NL's homerun leader. And Luc.  And Braun? Wow.

Would the return have been as good as the Sheriff of Nottingham and Bubba Derby? We will never know. We are all hopeful that Jacob Nottingham can eventually replace Lucroy at catcher, and that Derby can translate his high strikeout rate all the way up to the majors and be an effective pitcher for the Brewers. But man...the return in late July for a guy with 25 homers and 50 RBI's.

I did not criticize the trade at the time. It looked like a good return, and a logical deal to help begin the rebuild. In retrospect, I truly wonder if perhaps the Brewers got short changed this time.