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Brewers can't hold onto a commanding lead: MIL 6, CIN 7

Fireworks as Reds Simon plunks Brewers' Anderson.

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Today's game was quite the eventful one. Chase Anderson only allowed 1 run through 5 innings. But he hit three Reds batters. And as a result the Reds' starter Afredo Simon plunked him (after missing once). Simon was thrown out, but Anderson left the game afterwards.

At that point the Brewers still held a lead. But that didn't last long. The Reds came back in force during the seventh inning. They scored 5 runs to tie the game. Then in the top of the ninth inning they drove one more in. The Brewers couldn't come back after that and lost 7-6, snapping two streaks. The Brewers had won 4 games in a row and the Reds had lost 11 in a row.

The two teams go back at it tomorrow to decide the series. Jimmy Nelson takes on Brandon Finnegan at 1:10 pm CT.