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Sunday Sundries - week 5

I officially declare the first week of May to here-after be celebrated as Aaron Hill Week.

All Hail Prince Aaron
All Hail Prince Aaron
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Or maybe just May 7th as Aaron Hill Day.  We can decide later.

Wow!  A winning week!  The Brewers finished with a 4-3 record despite losing 3 straight from Wednesday through Friday.  That's a series win over the Angels and a split with the Reds, after losing the first two in Cincy.


Junior Guerra came up to start his long delayed Hall of Fame career, going 1-0 and starting half of the Brewers wins for the week.  His stat line wasn't great (ERA of 6.0, WHIP of 1.17...), but it was good enough, and no matter what his stat line is I guarantee he will be in the Hall of Fame with a lifetime 150-0 record.

Seriously, though, he kept the Brewers in the games he started.    He went six innings in each start. He didn't shut anybody down entirely, but he did keep things close enough for the Brewers to come back in both starts.  They just need to work on his third innings.

HONORABLE MENTION: Carlos Torres seems to have become another reliable arm in the pen.  He gave up the homer to Phillips in the tenth last night, but for the week it was the only run allowed in 3 appearances, and his WHIP was 0.50.  And apparently Phillips can hit homers off of anybody right now, so I will discount that one.  Blaine Boyer looked good this week, too, and that makes five arms that can come in and be effective.  When Smith and Knebel get back and get back in pitching shape, maybe the Brewers can slot Torres and Boyer in to start and go 3 innings.


Aaron Hill's game Saturday night earns the top spot.  All three homers were solidly hit, which isn't always necessary at the GAB,  And all three homers were crucial to the Brewers winning the game; without either of the first two they lose in regulation.  They might have won in the tenth even without the grand slam, but there's no guarantee of that.  Grand slam homers in extra innings usually are a precursor to success. His OPS for the week was 1.022.

Hill's Saturday exploits weren't all he did, though.  He has put together a 9 game hitting streak, and has been hitting the ball solidly.  All of this bodes well for late July...a second baseman that can add offense to a contender could be a valuable commodity.

HONORABLE MENTION:  Jonathon Lucroy is hitting the ball with authority.  Besides his game winning homer today, he posted a .417/.817/1.378 slash for the week.  His weekly numbers are better than Hills, but you know...

With Scooter and Sunday more or less out of the line-up (except for Sunday's obligatory pinch-hit strikeouts), the Brewers have seen their walk rates drop. They did pick up 5 today, but that might have more to do with the Reds than the Brewers.  Ryan Braun has swung at more ball fours in the past week than the rest of the team combined, but if I were as hot a hitter as he has been I'd rather hit than walk, too.

IMHO: Will Jonathon Villar learn to concentrate for a full 9 innings?  He seemed to concentrate just fine Saturday night in the 10th, so he's got that going for him.  I'm still burned at him for getting picked off in the 9th after a lead-off hit with his team down 4.  It just can't happen.  Is he Starlin Castro-esque?  Villar has a load of talent, and there should be a spot on the team for him even after Arcia is installed at short.  He could be OK at third, but I think he'd be very valuable at second.  If Scooter continues to hit this year, a big decision will be facing the club...either at the deadline this year or in the off season.  I don't see room on the roster for both Villar and Gennett next year.


Kyle's article on what to do at third base was well discussed, and several posters said stick with Hill and hope for the best.  I can't put all of them up, so BrewCrewJosh gets the nod:

It's still early

He’s off to a slow start but doing a little better lately, it’s still possible he could have limited trade value by the deadline.

This group is not overmatched, except against the Cubs.  Then again, the Cubs just finished a sweep of the Nats, so they are pretty much overmatching everybody.