Hernan Perez - Something is Fishy

Why is Hernan Perez getting so many starts in the outfield?

He is the Brewers only backup IF (although not really a SS).

His hitting seems like it's ready to regress to Hernan Perez levels of incompetence.

So... why start him in RF while keeping Nieuwenhuis, Flores and Presley firmly grounded on the bench?

Yes... Perez's starts did come against LHP, but Gennett was still in the lineup. While Gennett did have some success against LHP, he still CANNOT hit LHP well enough to be in the lineup. That means that Gennett is being chosen over other lefties (Nieuwenhuis, Flores and Presley) when a LHP starts.

Nieuwenhuis has sucked, so he doesn't get the start. Also, he doesn't have a role in the Brewer's future.

Presley has sucked worse then Nieuwenhuis and he doesn't have a role in the Brewer's future either.

But, what about Ramon Flores? He has been hitting well as of late. He has hit LHP better than RHP - including his last couple of years in the minors. So, why is the only infielder starting in the outfield while still leaving Gennett in the lineup to face LHP?

Are they trying to showcase Gennett as an every day 2B and hope he has 2 good weeks in order to trade him? That's not working.

Or, are they trying to move Perez for a small piece - tell teams he can also play the OF.

Otherwise, it just doesn't make sense why Perez is starting frequently in the OF.