Current Concerns

Current Brewers concerns. These aren't critical.. yet... just things that I look at.

Jonathan Villar --- after taking walks in 9 consecutive games from May 24 through June 1, Villar has taken the "Perez Approach" at the plate.

Since June 1 --- 80 PA --- 3 BB --- 23 K --- .267/.288/440 --- .728 OPS.

He's hitting fine, but 23 Ks against 3 BBs is a troubling trend. His walk rate was abnormally high for the first two months of the season. Now it is going the other way. Hopefully it will get back to his career mark around 9%.

The power is nice to see, though.

Tyler Thornburg --- did he fall off the cliff? Or is it just two bad games? For most people I would say "just two bad games". For Thornburg I worry that back to back bad games is a sign that he is hurt again.

After an 18 game stretch with 16.2 IP --- 4 H --- 2 BB --- 22 K and an opponents slash of .074/.107/.167 --- .274 OPS (that's Rivera level stuff) he had back to back donkeys. 1.2 IP with 3 H, 2 R, 2 BB and 3 K.

Hopefully it is just a bad two games.

And... now a good thing...

Ramon Flores --- don't look now, but he's looking pretty OK for a bench player.

Since May 25 --- 73 PA --- 6 BB --- 10 K --- .302/.352/.317 --- .670 OPS.

Those aren't starter numbers... or he probably won't sustain the .302... but I would take a .285/.335/.350 slash for a lefty who can play all 3 OF positions and backup 1B on my bench.