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Brevard County Manatees moving to Osceola County in 2017

The Brevard County Manatees found a place to play for next season, taking a step forward towards a possible renewal with the Brewers.

Yesterday, we reported that the Brewers had extended their PDC with Biloxi through the 2020 season, and just two of the Brewers affiliates (Colorado Springs and Brevard County) were left unsigned after this season. Brevard County took a step forward in the process today by finding a new home for themselves next season.

Today, the Manatees announced that they had reached an agreement to move into Osceola County Stadium starting in 2017. The stadium had previously hosted Houston Astros spring training, but the Astros are moving into a new complex with the Nationals starting next spring. That left the stadium empty and available for another team to move in. With a name-the-team contest also mentioned, the Manatees will likely have a whole new look starting next season.

While this will provide stability for the Manatees by providing them a home in the near future, it doesn’t mean that the Brewers will re-sign with the Manatees for beyond 2016. Indications are that the Brewers will re-sign with the Manatees franchise, but the Brewers do have the option of changing affiliates, if they want. Now that the Manatees have a stadium for next season figured out, it takes out one major hurdle that had to be cleared, and does make a renewal of the PDC more likely.