Flipping the Bullpen

Over the next three weeks, the Brewers will be getting three pitchers back so there will be overcrowding. Not as bad as a Chinese subway but still there are limits people and the Brewers will be exceeding these. So what to do?

The sensible path may be to take your worst starter and your two worse relievers and send them down. This gives you the best major league club you can put on the field tomorrow and next month. Seems straight forward.

But this season is anything but straight forward. There are folks the Brewers picked up off of the scrap heap who are doing a fair job in the bullpen. It would be nice to have the necessary time to try to trade these gents closer to the trade deadline. Perhaps there is another Davies out there that we could get for a Marinez or Boyer? If we try to send them down or cut them we get nothing for them.

What does this have to do with Tyler Thornburg. Well, a lot! He doesn't have options so he isn't getting sent down. But he is perhaps the nastiest pitcher on the staff. This nastiness is fine in the bullpen but could it play as a starter? The Brewers are going to need starters. They have enough depth in the bullpen and enough minor leaguers that are going to flame out as starters to feed that beast for awhile.

But they really only have one for sure starter pitcher coming out of this year. Davies and Guerra may be doing fine but we have seen how a pitcher can flame out after looking just fine one year. (Jungman) So lets stretch out Blazek and Thornburg and see if we have another solid starter. Each has more than two pitches that they can throw for strikes. Blazek could be sent down to stretch out. Thornburg you would have to do it at the major league level.

Then you send Peralta down to learn to be a relieve pitcher. And you send Anderson down cause you know what you got there. Then perhaps Thornburg gets "injured" and does a rehab to stretch out.

That frees up the spots for the folks coming off of the DL and maybe we find a number 2 or 3 starter in Thornburg?

What do you think?