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Milwaukee Brewers select Corey Ray 5th Overall

With their first selection of the 2016 Draft the Brewers have selected college outfielder Corey Ray.

The Milwaukee Brewers owned the fifth overall selection in the 2016 MLB Draft. They used it to take Louisville outfielder Corey Ray. He’s a center fielder right now with a chance to stick there. From the reports I read scouts are mixed on where his forever home is. However if he has to move to left field, he could be a plus defender there.

No one seems to question his ability to hit though. He has a chance to hit for average and power, with above average speed to compliment everything else. There’s potential for 15 HR and 30 SB with Ray. And the fact that he’s a college player means he’s probably in the 2-4 ETA range rather than the 5+ ETA that comes with a player like Trent Clark, last year’s top selection.

Sometimes people hear college player and think "safe/high floor/low ceiling." I think we’re all a little scarred from the 2011 Draft that saw the Brewers take Taylor Jungmann and Jed Bradley. While Ray does seem safer than a player like LHP Jason Groome, he’s anything but low ceiling. You don't have to take my word for it though.

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