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Jonathan Lucroy says no ongoing talks on extension with Brewers

But what does that mean?

Jonathon Lucroy in San Diego for the All Star Game
Jonathon Lucroy in San Diego for the All Star Game
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I have been hoping that the Brewers would have approached Luc about an extension, but this seems to say no:


Chris Cotillo@ChrisCotillo 2h2 hours ago

Jonathan Lucroy said today that there are no ongoing extension talks with the Brewers.


But wait - not so fast. If I may parse words here, Luc isn’t saying that the Brewers haven’t asked about interest, or made any preliminary offers. He’s saying that the talks are not ongoing. He didn’t say that there have been no talks, or that there will be no talks. Very smart of him, or maybe...

It stands to reason that the Brewers should explore all options available to them regarding Jonathan Lucroy. Extending him is one of those options. It will be very difficult to replace him with anyone even remotely approaching his offensive and defensive abilities. If there were very good options at third and first, a defensive first catcher with some bat might be OK. But Luc would still be better.

If Luc has no interest in staying at what the Brewers deem a fair market value, that, too, is very important to know. It would allow the Brewers to evaluate whatever offers are out there and decide whether now is the time to pull the trigger, or if they should wait until the off season to deal him. It is logical to me that a trade partner will have a catcher on their roster that they will need to move in this trade; he should more or less come for free...the prospects are all that matter. It is fair to note that people more knowledgeable than me say this just isn't the case; it won't be necessary for the Brewers to take a catcher back to make the deal work.

Rumors are starting to surface, as Derek brought to our attention earlier today. My desire to hang on to Luc may be coloring my interpretation of the answer attributed to Luc, but as it is all speculation I can hang on to my dreams.