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All Star Game Thread

And the host team for the 2016 World Series will come from ....

Luc represents the Crew
Luc represents the Crew
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If I’m going to watch an exhibition game that doesn’t even count in the Cactus League standings, hopefully some of you will, too. Man, there are a lot of pitchers on these teams.

I wonder if anyone has ever retired after winning the Triple Crown. David Ortiz’ mid-season stats are just eye-popping. .332/.426/.682...34 doubles, a triple, and 22 homers...72 RBI. Wow. Seven of the nine AL starters are slugging over .500, and the other two are over .475.

The NL lineup has 5 guys over .500 slugging, but includes Addison Russell at .401. He is the tenth rated shortstop for OPS. There are three shortstops who are slugging over .500.