Scooter Gennett vs. LHP - Midseason Update

So... Scooter Gennett caught some people by surprise this season when he came out with a HR vs a LHP in the opener and then 7 walks in his first 15 PAs vs. LHP.

Some people have suggested that he may have turned a corner and finally figured out how to hit LHP and how to take walks against LHP.

Other's (me) vehemently disagreed and said, "Don't worry, Gennett will soon be back to his traditional performance vs. LHP.

Well... since those first 15 PAs Gennett has had...

40 PA

1 BB
11 K


Yes, the slash looks good. The 25% K-rate and only 1 BB in 40 PA isn't good.

If you did a little closer and look at his last 16 PA... well...

16 PA

0 BB
4 K (Still at the 25% K-rate


Some may say that it could be a small sample and that he still has figured out how to hit LHP.

He doesn't have me convinced. The BB-Rate and K-Rate don't look good after a 15 PA start to the season. He's managed to get hits. However, I don't think he success is sustainable.

He still may be able to carry a .225/.250/.325 vs. LHP which would be satisfactory vs. LHP for a #8 hitter.

Good luck Scooter! Keep it classy.