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Report: Cubs, Dodgers were "mystery teams" in talks for Jonathan Lucroy

As we wait for word on if Lucroy will approve the deal, now details have come out around the negotiations.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

It's morning now here in Wisconsin, and the Lucroy trade is still not official as Lucroy has not approved the deal yet. As we wait to find out if he will approve it or not, more news continues to come out around the negotiations to trade the All-Star catcher.

One of the pieces of news to come out this morning is details on two "mystery teams" that tried to acquire Lucroy as well. The first of these is the Chicago Cubs. Jon Heyman reported that the Cubs also had negotiations with the Brewers on Lucroy. The Cubs have not received much production from their catchers this season, with three catchers combining for a total of 0.7 fWAR. Lucroy would be an upgrade for them. However, talks didn't go far because the Brewers placed an "in-division" tax on him. That would make sense, the Brewers would not want to give him to a division rival and potentially strengthen them for several years, potentially into their next competition window.

The second mystery team believed to be in on the negotiations is the Dodgers. Heyman also reports that the Brewers and Dodgers had Lucroy talks as well. While their catcher situation is better with Yasmani Grandal, he doesn't provide much offense, so acquiring Lucroy would also be an upgrade for them. While we dont' know much about those negotiations, Jon Heyman says to watch them if the deal to the Indians falls through, whether by Lucroy's refusal or a team cancelling it. The Dodgers could jump in after that.

Until we know if Lucroy is going to waive his no-trade clause, everything is on hold right now. The most recent update that we had this morning is that Shaun Armstrong will be the fourth player in the deal, in addition to C Francisco Mejia, OF Greg Allen, and INF Yu-Cheng Chang. We haven't had any updates on that so far this morning on whether the no-trade clause has been waived, but we will update everyone as soon as we have more news on the situation.

Statistics courtesy of FanGraphs