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UPDATED: Jonathan Lucroy has exercised his no-trade clause, vetoes trade to the Indians

With Lucroy holding the power to accept or reject the deal, he has chosen to reject it.

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Since last night, we had been waiting for word on whether Jonathan Lucroy would accept his trade to the Cleveland Indians or not. Lucroy made his decision this morning: Lucroy has exercised his no-trade clause and vetoed the trade to the Indians. We don't have any details yet on why Lucroy decided to exercise his clause, but with the Indians one of the teams on his limited no-trade list, he had the power to accept or reject the trade. We don't know why he rejected the trade yet. There are reasons that players exercise these clauses, such as wanting financial gain for doing so or wanting to go to a specific location. It seemed like a prime landing spot with the Indians one of the top teams in the AL this season. We should find out the reason soon enough.

This doesn't mean that Lucroy won't be traded at all. Since his clause is limited, there are other teams that he could still go to. Earlier this morning, we noted that the Cubs and Dodgers were mystery teams in on Lucroy, and both could still jump back into the negotiations. With just under 30 hours to the trade deadline, there's still time for something to happen.

We will keep you updated here with more information on Jonathan Lucroy's veto as we get it.

UPDATE: According to Jeff Passan, the reason Lucroy vetoed the trade is because he wanted Cleveland to void his 2017 option. Since Cleveland would not do that and trade four players for two months of Lucroy, he chose to veto the trade.

UPDATE 2: GM David Stearns confirmed that Lucroy has exercised his no-trade clause. In addition, Jon Heyman reports that the Indians will not rework the deal and are moving on.

UPDATE 3: Bob Nightengale reports that another factor in Lucroy rejecting the trade is the catcher situation in Cleveland in 2017. Yan Gomes will be back and will be the starting catcher again next season, so if Lucroy accepted the trade, he would be a backup catcher next year, with time at first base and DH. It would have killed his value going into free agency, costing him a lot of money. Since Cleveland would also not guarantee him the starting catcher job next season, and wouldn't void his option so he wouldn't have to worry about that, he decided to reject the trade.