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Three Brewers Land in Baseball Prospectus Mid-Season Top 50 Prospect List

More accolades for the Brewers’ farm system!

Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

With the big league team having floundered through most of the first half of the 2016, much of the attention regarding the Milwaukee Brewers has focused on their minor league pipeline this year. A system that was highly rated before the season hasn’t disappointed as several of the club’s top prospects are performing well this season. Prior to the season, the Brewers had one prospect, Orlando Arcia, ranked among Baseball Prospectus’ top 50 prospects along with another four other players ranked within the Pre-Season Top 101. BP released their top 50 mid-season prospect list today, and three Brewers made the cut.

SS Orlando Arcia
Pre-season rank: 12
Mid-season rank: 7

2016 stats:
AAA: 345 PA || .262/.314/.382 || 6 HR || 12 SB || 84 wRC+

Comments from BP:

Why He'll Succeed: The high-contact approach translates to a top-of-the-order bat to pair with good speed and exceptional defense.

Why He Might Fail: If his aggressive approach is exploited by more advanced arms, it could culminate in a glove-dependent profile that doesn’t get on base enough to avoid the bottom third of an order.

LHP Josh Hader
Pre-season rank: n/a
Mid-season rank: 45

2016 stats:
AA: 57.0 IP || 0.95 ERA || 2.10 FIP || 73 K || 19 BB
AAA: 24.0 IP || 6.38 ERA || 4.10 FIP || 31 K || 14 BB

Comments from BP:

Why He'll Succeed: Hader has two pitches that can give big-league hitters fits: A mid-90s fastball that has plenty of life, and a slider that is a true swing-and-miss pitch with its tilt and depth.

Why He Might Fail: The change is still in the developmental stages, the command and control both leave a lot to be desired, and his mechanics scare the heck out of many.

OF Brett Phillips
Pre-season rank: 61
Mid-season rank: 49

2016 stats:
AA: 297 PA || .247/.337/.456 || 11 HR || 5 SB || 128 wRC+

Comments from BP:

Why He’ll Succeed: If gains in power and approach that he made at Double-A stick around, it turns him into an above-average offensive weapon with an impact arm in center.

Why He Might Fail: If his laugh cascades around the rafters of Miller Park, it could touch off a seismic event that dislodges the beer slide and initiates a Rube Goldbergian series of events that drowns Bernie Brewer, knocks the sausage-race Brat unconscious, and leads to a pitchfork-wielding mob chasing him to Sheboygan, where he’s last seen jet skiing off across the dark waters of Lake Michigan.

Statistics courtesy of Fangraphs